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For a speech class I took, we had to write a speech on any topic we liked.  At that time, everybody was rallying for the “Tax Day Tea Parties” and I decided to write about just that.  If only those rallies would drive home the fact that Americans don’t need BIG GOVERNMENT.

Remember the Boston Tea Party

“Rally Indians, bring your axes, tell King George we’ll pay no taxes!”  These famous words from 1773 are still echoing in the hearts of patriotic Americans today.  The Boston Tea Party, a well known event in the course of American history, marks the beginning of the Americans’ rebellion against tyranny and oppression.  The independent spirit of the American people grew slowly but surely in colonial America.  Events during the French and Indian war and afterwards stirred up a deep-rooted desire to be free from England, in the hearts of those brave people.  King George III sought to pay England’s war debts from the French and Indian war by taxing the Americans.  He began to levy a series of taxes upon the colonists.  This immediately sparked antagonism among his subjects overseas, and thus began a whole new wave; Rebellion.  The unrelenting taxes eventually led to the events of the Boston Tea Party.  Although that historic event occurred over 200 years ago, people today still remember it and even protest in similar ways.  The Boston Tea Party is an excellent example to us how we can fight against government tyranny today! Americans must relive the spirit of those early Bostonians.

In order to understand Boston Tea Party, it is important to understand the events that took place in 1773, Boston.  King George imposed numerous taxes upon the colonists.  Beginning with the stamp tax in 1764, other taxes soon followed.  Samuel Adams, a famous rebel, rallied the townspeople, declaring, “No Taxation without representation!” After the event of the Boston Massacre which occurred in 1770, which involved an outbreak of colonial defiance against British authority, King George became even more firm with his hand on the colonies.  A boycott throughout the colonies was announced, and no one was allowed to buy any shipments of tea from England.  This hurt trade in Europe, but the English King paid no heed to their protests.  These events led to the Boston Tea Party.  It was December of 1773; a shipment of tea and other goods had just arrived in the Boston harbor.  The colonists, who were continuing their boycott on European goods demanded that the ship turn around and return to England.  The governor, however, ignored their demands.  He in turn simply declared, “You must obey King George.”  This infuriated the Bostonians, so on the 16th of December, a cold evening, a group of citizens, known as the sons of Liberty, crept onboard the Dartmouth. They were all disguised as Mohawk Indians, and carried sharp axes in hand.  People stood on the dock, waiting and watching as the men silently and stealthily stole onto the ship.  The Sons of Liberty began to chop open the crates of tea, and dumped them into the black ocean water below.  To emphasize their point, the men onboard only dumped the tea, and did not disturb anything else.  The next morning, when the British learned of this event, they were enraged.  In annoyance and irritation, King George imposed a new enforcement, to punish the Bostonians.  He closed the harbor, hindering any trade, which was the main economic source for the city.  This became known as the Intolerable act.  The Boston Tea Party inspired the people to unite against British tyranny.

The Boston Tea Party is an event in American history, which is quite well known.  Today, citizens of American thank the people who cried out against tyranny and appreciate the founding fathers for establishing the government we have today.  Our country is stronger than any in other country in the world.  The Constitution has held our country together and protected the rights and liberties of Americans.  Recent events in America, however, seem to be threatening our freedoms.  For example, there is an ongoing debate in America over health care reform.  Congress is currently attempting to pass a bill which will implement a government run health care system.  Many Americans feel that such a system will limit our options for health care and decrease the high quality of health care that we currently have in America.  Another issue that many Americans are concerned about is the tax burden that government programs place on the American family.  When President Obama took office in 2009, his new administration immediately implemented a “Stimulus Package”, which resulted in a gigantic “bail-out” of banks and large corporations that were threatening bankruptcy.  This stimulus package has angered many tax payers because of an increased financial burden to the individual in order to pay for this program.  This past April, you may have heard of the Tax Day tea parties across the USA.  Americans are reacting in the same way people 200 years ago did when King George imposed unfair taxes on them.  On April 15, 2009, Millions gathered, and carried signs, inscribed with such statements as, “Stop spending our money!”  These tea parties seem to inspire the patriotic spirit in many Americans.  Over the past few months, there have been additional tea parties and town hall meetings, where Americans have called for citizens to unite once again against government tyranny.  Americans, you see, are liberty-loving people, who protest when any of their freedoms are threatened.  The Boston tea party participants, then, set an example of what true love of liberty means.  Currently, millions of American people who admire, and who agree with those brave men who took part in the Boston Tea Party, are today taking a stand against injustice and big government, so that those in power will not seize the rights and liberty that was so courageously won by our founders.

The unjust and excessive taxes of England caused the American colonies of the 18th century to revolt, by dumping crates of tea into the Boston harbor.  Because King George taxed the American colonists far too much, he lost his colonies.  “Taxation without Representation” was a cry that should have been listened to by the English government.  Ironically, today, because our government is pressing unfair taxes upon the citizens, people are reacting in a similar way.  Tax day tea parties ring with the same fervor that the original “tea party” had back in 1773.  Americans today are making their voices heard, just as our colonial forefathers did. The Boston tea party as well as the “tea parties” and demonstrations today, display the passion and love of liberty in the hearts of Americans.  Because of our Founding Father’s example of taking a stand for liberty, the citizens of America are able to emphasize our reasons for crying out against today’s tyranny.  From those early Boston rebels to today’s whole nation of angry American citizens and into the future, America should and will stand as a liberty loving country where freedom rings.






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