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By Rebecca Williams


Hi everyone, good morning…did you know that millions of kids around the world are homeless?  I’m adopted, and as well my other siblings are too and they are going to come up… Abby’s from china, Jhony’s from Guatemala and Micah’s from china also. 
Our mom and dad adopted us four and she’s trying to encourage other families to adopt.  There may be a kid for one of you out there!  Right now my sister and I are hoping that our parents will adopt two more, but we can already tell that it’s probably a no!
Anyways, there is always a little child who needs you.

The above speech was one I wrote five years ago.  Though I wasn’t very old, I was impacted by the thought that my parents had taken on the exciting (and rather overwhelming) journey of adopting four kids after having two of their own.  Today I want to write a tribute to my mother and father–they traveled ’round the world to bring us to their home, and through the processes of adopting us, God led them with His steady hand and in Him they fulfilled their goal in giving four needy children a loving haven, a refuge and family.  The stories of how they came to adopt us are truly miracles, to relate the amazingness of the Lord.  To begin with, Mom and Dad began this journey of adoption when I was born, needing a loving, nourishing home where I could receive the proper care for my health conditions.  That was their first step–I became a part of the Williams family, and about four years later, by coincidence (by God’s hand, really) they found another little girl half way around the world in China.  Now, that country was quite a ways from our home state of Texas, and to travel so far…it took courage to brave this next journey.  As to the miracle at the beginning of this second process–my parents were at first looking at a picture of a little girl who they wanted to adopt (not my sister Abby), but the woman who was conducting them through this paperwork process sent the wrong picture (she sent the picture of Abby instead).  The other little girl had become unavailable, and it was all for the best–Abby was meant to come live with us, and Mom and Dad immediately knew she belonged with our family!  Thus, they traveled all the way to China and returned with a little black-eyed, black-haired girl.  We adjusted to this beautiful new addition (being the youngest I soon found a competitor for attention) :) but over the next couple of months my little sister Abby and I became the best of friends! 

[Left Insert: Sketch of Abby (at age 3) by a Family Friend]

[Right Insert: Sketch of Rebecca (at age 4) by same Family Friend]

Jhony arrived next on the scene in 2005–and that was a long, scary process, yet in the end we were blessed with this handsome little boy.  All of us held our breath as we waited long, anxiety-ridden months, hoping that Mom and Dad would be able to go and bring home Jhony.  Down in Guatemala there is much governmental and military turmoil, and my parents had heard many terrible stories of families who had attempted to adopt with tragic results.  Thus, it seemed as though this period of waiting would never end, yet at last Mom and Dad were allowed to travel down to that Central American country and get Jhony.  O the blessed relief everyone felt!  I had always longed for a little brother, and now Jhony came to us at last.  

[Left Insert: Jhony, age 2 at the time photo was taken]

The last God-given blessing was Micah–a special needs child from China, who came to us the next year in 2006, right before my oldest sister got married.  This comical, cheerful boy was the last to be adopted, and he is the youngest in our family.  This was the hardest one, due to the fact that at first my parents were unsure as to whether or not God really called them to adopt a fourth child.  We spent a long time in prayer and consideration, wondering and hoping, doubting and fearing, till at last God confirmed it that He wanted Mom and Dad to make a second trip to China.  One story of God whispering his “yes” occurred one day at a Chinese Restaurant, after church, as my family dined on Asian food.  We all love those interesting little Fortune Cookies they give out at such restaurants, and this day we had all finished eating and went around, opening and reading the little messages on the strips of paper tucked inside the cookies.  Mom’s turn came and I eagerly urged, “Come on Mom, why don’t you open yours!”

Mom smiled weakly and shook her head, “Why don’t you do it for me?” At this time she had been filled with anxiety, fear, and confusion, doubting that she and Dad were supposed to go and bring home Micah.

I proceeded to read aloud, “The love in your heart will save a Child in Need”.  My Dad stared and gasped, “What??  Give me that!” He took the little strip of paper with the message on it and looked over it, almost disbelieving.  My mom was dumbstruck as well–she had been praying that God would give her a clear answer–yes or no–in writing, even, to confirm that Micah was meant to be ours.  Tears came to Mom’s eyes–this little message was not a random fortune in a cookie–it was whispered encouragement from the Lord, and he was telling my parents “Yes! You will help a child in need!” So, there you have it–Micah came to join the Williams brood! 

[Insert Left: Micah, age 3 at the time photo was taken]

God has truly blessed our family–I can’t say it enough!  ‘Twas His hand and His leading that brought all four of us (Jhony, Micah, Abby and I) into this amazing, wonderful family, and we’re all growing together in the Lord, facing the future with our Heavenly Father as our stronghold.  Thank you Mom and Dad, for bringing us Home!



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17 Responses to The Adoption Story

  1. Ben says:

    You forgot to mention you’re beloved older brother, who also encouraged your worrying mother with Romans 8:26, “Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.”

    I forgot about the fortune cookie. We should have bought a lottery ticket with the numbers on the other side, as it was obviously prophetic.

  2. :O Mommy never told me that!! I would have talked about it in the post if I had. That’s a beautiful verse, really
    haha–why didn’t we buy the lottery ticket?? we could have become awesomely rich 😀

  3. Meggie says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Wow, thats wonderful. I never realized you were adopted, I would love to adopt children when I am older, no idea what God has planned for me, though.
    How awesome is it when God answers prayer? It is amazing!


  4. Meggie says:

    Rebecca, I have awarded you on my blog!


  5. Robert and Rose ,pawpaw & mawmaw Williams says:

    Becca, you are the most talanted writer I know. You will do great in whatever you do in your life. We love you—-and your siblings!

  6. G'ma Katie Hoover says:

    Oh, Becca, that was just beautiful. Thank you for letting me read it. I love praying over your family, knowing that your mom and dad share the heart of God for orphans and widows. They are truly special people. How blessed you are to be theirs! How blessed I am to be a part of your family by marriage. Love to each one of you. And you!!! you are to be an auntie again!! Yea!!!

  7. Megzie says:

    Aww, I loved reading that (of course I know the stories but you wrote it SO WELL) and seeing the pics!! God’s hand is so obvious in all of it!! Miss you tons!!!

  8. Uncle Chris says:

    Very well written young lady! I enjoyed the story and agree with Maw Maw Williams that you are a talented writer. See you guys soon.

  9. Megzie says:

    You’re welcome, Reb! I visit your blog as often as I can! :)

  10. Dear Rebecca,
    May I echo the other comments here by saying what a talent you have (-one of many!) I am so glad you have decided to share your gift in this way. I loved reading the adoption story. I somehow lost the link to your blog, but I asked your mom to send it to me again, and I am so glad I did. So much to see here. I have it bookmarked now, and will enjoy exploring it at length.

    Lots of love (and can’t wait to see you all soon!) -Aunt Jennifer

  11. Dan says:

    Nice job rewdy. Sorry I got here late.

  12. Kayla says:

    LOVE IT!!!

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