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I am author, artist, history buff, wishing to share these three passions of mine with anyone who cares to read this blog. The main drive between these three deep interests of mine is imagination.

History isn't just people and events in a dusty book. Writing isn't just words in a tome. Art isn't just random images in a photograph, sketch or painting. I'll give you examples of what they really are.

Now I shall introduce you to Milly Clarence, the main character in my historical fiction story for OYAN*.  The purpose of this little tag thingy is to formally (or should I say informally) introduce you to her.  I’m very excited about writing this story about her…and OYAN will help me finish this story ALL THE WAY!

Hopefully after this little interview you will be better acquainted with my MC.

What is your character’s name?

Milly Clarence

Does his/her name have any special meaning?

No, her name does not have anything special about it.  I just thought it sort of clicked

Does he/she think inside himself more than he talks out loud to his friends? (More importantly, does he have any friends?)

Milly keeps mostly to herself…the only person who she has ever shared things with is her brother Tom and her dear sweet Mother.  But there are some things she doesn’t tell other people.  This is probably because she is extremely shy and self-conscious, as she has been lame since being a little child.  It makes her feel “different”, and seperated from other people.  She feels set apart from other girls, and never has been able to connect well.

Is there something he/she is afraid of?

Milly fears the oncoming war Between the States and the changes and dangers it could bring.  It is a symbol of dread for her–a large, looming black one.  Forsooth, war is a dreadful, hateful thing.  She doesn’t want her homeland to change or her life to be disrupted. (the South: the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia)

Does he/she write, dream, sing, or dance?

Milly dreams mostly–she’s a dreamer in her own world…a pretty lonely little world, since she keeps people out…right now that is.

What is his/her favourite book (or genre of book)?

Milly is fervent for poetry…she reads it very often, and has memorized the poems that she loves the best.  And she does love a good many

Who is his/her favourite author and who/what inspires him/her?

Charles Dickens, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Milton, Shakespeare are among her favorites.  She is inspired by the rhythm and depth of their lines, the potency in the meanings and stories .

Favourite season of the year?

It would most likely be summer, when all is bright and cheerful, when the sky is clear and full of light.  She detests the winter, for its overcast skies and gray aura of each passing day.

How old is he/she?

Milly is half-past fifteen

What does he/she do in his spare time?

She is an avid reader, and also loves to daydream and perhaps even sketch the flora and fauna around her farm.

Does he/she see the big picture, or does he/she live only in the moment?

Milly is pretty obviously living almost entirely in the moment.  She is more focused on how the war will affect her now, her present state and present life…of course she loves Virginia and is strongly for the South’s freedom, but initially she does not see the wrongs of southern society (slavery) as a harsh reality of her enviroment, though her family does treat their own slaves fairly enough.

Is he/she a perfectionist?

Milly could be considered an idealist–sort of a perfectionist, only she is demanding of the people around her, and if they don’t meet her “standards” that piques her.  That is one of her major faults I intend to depict.

Does he/she have any siblings, how many, and where does she fit in?

Milly is the youngest in her family.  She has three older brothers (Tom, Will and Jess).  Thus, she is the only girl in the family, and might be more appropriately called the baby of the family–the delicate child who everyone tries to look after.

Does he/she have a “life verse,” and if so, what is it?

She has no life verse, but if she did, I imagine it would be something from Proverbs or Psalms in the Bible.

What type of laugh does he/she have?

What an interesting question…hm…Milly does not laugh often.  She is a sober girl, but when she does laugh, it is usually quiet, and not of a gigglesome nature.

Who is his/her best friend?

Milly’s best friend is Tom and her Mother, but she will develop other friendships outside her family circle later on

What is his/her family like?

The Clarence family is a tight-knit one, living on a generation-old farm, typical of the old South.  But their clan lives on neighboring ones and in nearby counties in Virginia.  They are one of those large Virginian families with all the cousins and aunts and uncles and seconds cousins and third cousins… you could say my family is a parallel of Milly’s

What is his/her favourite kind of weather?

Milly loves clear skies and warm, clear days.  She detests the rain, for its shadows and dark mood

Does she/he have a good sense of humour? What kind is it (slapstick, wit, sarcasm, etc.)?

Hers is probably a dry one.  She is definitely not slapstick (which does not fit her sober, grave personality)

How did he/she do in school, or any kind of educations he/she might have had?

Milly is homeschooled, she does pretty well, though she puts up some fuss about the subjects she loathes (she does not like arithmetic especially) and she is an avid reader, as I stated above.  Her mother teaches her, but when the war comes that stops.  Milly, however, will always adore the written word.

Any strange hobbies?

She enjoys walking around her plantation, examing flowers and watching birds.  I suppose someone living in the country might do this–or someone who is not socially active really.

Does he/she like to go outside?

Milly loves to go outside–it is one thing that she shall always cherish–the outdoors, the trees, the birds, the animals, the plants… everything on the farm.  But it is hard to get around with her lame leg

Is he/she naturally curious?

Milly can be naturally curious, but she isn’t really precocious or prying into others’ affairs.  She has an insatiable interest in nature and a fervency to learn and to obtain knowledge of things in books.

Right-handed, or left?

Milly is left handed, making her all the more unique and “different”.

Favourite colour?

It would probably be dark winter colors (dark blue, dark red, mint green, sable…)

Where is she from?

She is from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia (the Old Dominion)

Any enemies?

She has made some enemies with other girls in the county, who think she is haughty, aloof, and reserved.  That is due to her shyness and self-consciousness, I’ll let you know

What are his/her quirks?

These are probably the fact that she tends to be very sensitive, and fancies that other people think badly of her, or think her to be distinctly abnormal from other girls her age, and often overreacts when someone even implies criticism.  Or she might imagine judgmental meaning in their words directed towards her.  Thus, she is extremely self-defensive, a very negative trait.

What kinds of things get on his/her nerves?

She can’t stand criticism of any kind, or when anyone denies her ability to do something for herself, because they’re trying to be helpful since she is lame, if you get what I mean.  She doesn’t like people “assuming” things about her handicap and her physical competence.

Is he/she independent, or does he/she need others to help out?

Milly wants to be independent, she wants to be able to do things for herself, but due to her leg, that can be hard.  Sometimes she has to let others help out, and that wounds her pride and frustrates her.

What is his biggest secret?

It would probably be that she very badly wants a best friend, but everyone thinks she likes it just fine by herself, alone.

Has she/he ever been in love?

No, Milly does not want to ever fall in love, nor has she ever been in love.  I am not sure if I will write about this…maybe she will, maybe she won’t.

What is his/her comfort food?

That would be their black cook’s splendid pies.  She is a first-class cook.

Does he/she play a musical instrument? If so, what?

Milly plays the piano very well.  That is another thing she loves, that I forgot to mention

What colour are his/her eyes? Hair?

Her eyes are brown, her hair is wavy and dark

Where is his/her favourite place to be?

She loves to be out in the woods, or in the farm orchard, or roaming about the fields and forest.  But she has a secret little glen that only she and Tom know about.

What are some of his/her dreams or goals?

Milly dreams of someday having the farm, living there, and of having her poetry being published.  She wants to own many poetry books.

Does he/she enjoy sports?

Riding horses around the farm and across the fields.  Then she can forget her inability to run and she can fly!

What is his/her favourite flower or plant?

Milly thinks azaleas are beautiful, as well as roses

Now, you might not think highly of Milly right now, but everyone has those revelations of character, they grow through hard experiences, they learn lessons, they are met by challenges and overcome them.  Milly is one of those who has yet to experience, yet to learn, and yet to meet challenges and overcome.  



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  1. dan says:

    Your lucubrations are so prolific I can’t keep up. You obviously don’t have a problem with mogigraphia. You are a natural expatiator.

  2. Megzie says:

    Milly seems like such a neat, interesting, lovable character! I see many parallels between her and you. :)
    Can’t wait for more!

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