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I am author, artist, history buff, wishing to share these three passions of mine with anyone who cares to read this blog. The main drive between these three deep interests of mine is imagination.

History isn't just people and events in a dusty book. Writing isn't just words in a tome. Art isn't just random images in a photograph, sketch or painting. I'll give you examples of what they really are.

I just started exploring graphics, using my Samsung galaxy tablet, and (which makes word collages! They’re awesome!)

I even found actors who I think look sort of what I would want my three central characters of Strong Hearts. I decided to just go on ahead and jump on the bandwagon. I even have four playlists for these characters, and for the entire novel itself. And those playlists are huge.

I was understating how much the actors I used to cast as my characters really could resemble Diana, Julian, and Meriwether Lewis.

in bed

Amelia Warner (Lorna Doone)Diana Wayland

Idealistic. Thoughtful. Sensitive. Hot-tempered. And sometimes too naive. She is almost obsessive about fantasizing about real people, building them up, until she distorts reality. This is one of her greatest faults.



4292a5f1eda411031164ad6fb6286364 Josh Lucas (Home Sweet Alabama)

Meriwether Lewis

(I was mildly euphoric when I looked him up and saw all of these pictures. Josh Lucas as Lewis? I think yes!)

Yes, he is a real person. An American hero. The explorer. But he has a special spot in my heart, and in my story. I do NOT warp history. I absolutely mutilated true facts when I first wrote this story at age fourteen, but I was a romantic young teen back then. And I still am.


Henry Cavill (The Man of Steel Count of Monte Cristo)

Julian Quentin

His smile. He has exactly the smile I imagined Julian having.

Julian is a doctor, and almost as idealistic as Diana. Although he does have a rational side, his idealism threatens to destroy the dream most precious to him.

shart (2)


Untitled3 (2)The second graphic features lyrics from “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. The woman is supposed to be Diana . . . with Lewis. But I did not include this pose in my story. The song does apply, though. It is perfect for Lewis.




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