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I am author, artist, history buff, wishing to share these three passions of mine with anyone who cares to read this blog. The main drive between these three deep interests of mine is imagination.

History isn't just people and events in a dusty book. Writing isn't just words in a tome. Art isn't just random images in a photograph, sketch or painting. I'll give you examples of what they really are.

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Little threads

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

Now I shower upon you shreds of story! I’ve been wrapped up in government and political activity! With the upcoming 2012 elections, this nation is brewing with controversy and preparation … Continue reading

Springtime Snippets {March}

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

March has arrived, and with it, more bits o’ story. Creativity has been flowing swiftly, to my delight, and I’m going to give you a taste of what I’ve been … Continue reading


Posted on by Rebecca Williams

I wanted to share some pictures from my life right now . . . My sister Abigail Look up Karate kid (Jhony) o beautiful sight! (chocolate chip cookies for the … Continue reading

Camera Life

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

A break in the writing posts: here ‘ tis more photos that I have taken… (hover over picture to see photo title)

More photos

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

These photos are some of my family and friends. Click to see description on bottom left

Photos at last!

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

A break from the stories and poems for me to share some pictures I’ve taken.  A few years ago I attended a photography class that really helped me see the … Continue reading

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