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I am author, artist, history buff, wishing to share these three passions of mine with anyone who cares to read this blog. The main drive between these three deep interests of mine is imagination.

History isn't just people and events in a dusty book. Writing isn't just words in a tome. Art isn't just random images in a photograph, sketch or painting. I'll give you examples of what they really are.

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Au Revoir 2014

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

It’s one of those awkward moments when a writer finds her way back onto an abandoned blog . . . a blog meant to be a journal of the daily … Continue reading


Posted on by Rebecca Williams

The past couple of months have been rather busy. School, as you know, has started again. Fiction writing class has begun, as well as Art. I can’t wait to start … Continue reading

The Boat Accident {Part II}

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

  I apologize for the delay on this. As an inveterate procrastinator (which I hope to change), I have put off revising the story that I wrote specifically for this … Continue reading


Posted on by Rebecca Williams

First off, let me just say that I will be posting a follow up on my story of the boat accident! I have already written it up, but I need … Continue reading

This past midsummer’s dream

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

This year, I’ll paint my masterpiece This year, I’ll be recognized I can feel like I’ll fall in love for real This year, this year (I am not sure about … Continue reading

Novel graphics

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

I just started exploring graphics, using my Samsung galaxy tablet, and (which makes word collages! They’re awesome!) I even found actors who I think look sort of what I … Continue reading

Tour of the domus-Part I

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

Wherein you are led on a virtual tour of my lair, in the Williams’ home. I thought that it was about time to share my dwelling with those yet unfamiliar. … Continue reading

Literary loves

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

As the title of this post reveals, what I am about to share has nothing to do with the boat accident whatsoever, as if you couldn’t tell. But it has … Continue reading

O, America!

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

Celtic woman being my favorite artist (one of them, at least), I thought I’d post two songsĀ  of theirs that connects to my last post (Beacon of Hope). O, America! … Continue reading

The Beacon of Hope

Posted on by Rebecca Williams

For a touch of Christmas on this blog I thought I’d share one of my favorite Christmas songs, one that we sang at church at the Christmas Eve service. O … Continue reading

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