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About R.E.W

I am author, artist, history buff, wishing to share these three passions of mine with anyone who cares to read this blog. The main drive between these three deep interests of mine is imagination.

History isn't just people and events in a dusty book. Writing isn't just words in a tome. Art isn't just random images in a photograph, sketch or painting. I'll give you examples of what they really are.

In the works

Mrs.Darcy - Daria AzolinaStrong Hearts: historical fiction

Two young heroes make their bow to the nation in 1806. One of them finds himself facing a new life after the expedition, one in which he searches for love and fulfillment. And a young woman, who discovers something about herself that sets her world to spinning, must struggle with idealism and bitterness towards those who tried to hide her illegitimate past. She must make a decision, she must fight the darkness creeping towards her, must find the soul that her own soul belongs with. Julian, her childhood friend, grapples with his own idealism that could lead him to happiness or failure. The young hero must choose between his own quest for glory and the higher one of honor and truth. But what will be the cost of their decisions?

Writ stage: 76, 941 words


Princess Dagmar of Denmark, later Empress Marie Fyodorovna of RussiaMillicent: historical fiction

1861. The Confederacy and the Union are pitted against one another as war tears the country in half. Brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. When Millicent Clarence’s brothers join the Confederate Army, she watches as her own Shenandoah Valley becomes torn as her childhood sweetheart refuses to ignore his conscience and fight for the South. Turning her back on him as she would a traitor, Millicent must face the devastation and change that this civil war will bring irreversibly to her homeland. And when a complicated, mysterious young Federal captain and his squadron turn Milly’s farm into their headquarters for the Shenandoah, she finds herself trying to decide between freedom and bondage.

Planning stage


Picture of Jude LawHeaven’s Sight

Begun as of July, 2013 . . . Heaven’s Sight follows the life of a young artist, whose parents immigrated from Germany to New York City in 1905. Orphaned at a young age after his father is killed during an Anti-German protest as World War I escalates, with the world pitted against the Kaiser and his allies, this boy grows up to seek his own identity, but he searches in the wrong places.

Writing Stage

Word Count: 2867



"A Child's-Eye View" - exhibition at The Museums of Colonial WilliamsburgThe Doll Society

This is a story of magic, almost a fantasy. Let’s call it a historical fantasy. It concerns a little girl named Lydia. And three box-fulls of dolls which her grandparents pass down to her. But these are not just ordinary dolls. They have secrets. They have stories of their own.

Writing Stage

Word count: 5,127 words



black cat with white paws

The Cat

A young woman plans to escape a difficult life with her irresponsible father, intending to attend the university she has always dreamed of. She never imagines that she has someone intent upon protecting her, a stranger whose friendship she depends on in her darkest hours.

Currently in short story format/planning stages



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