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I am author, artist, history buff, wishing to share these three passions of mine with anyone who cares to read this blog. The main drive between these three deep interests of mine is imagination.

History isn't just people and events in a dusty book. Writing isn't just words in a tome. Art isn't just random images in a photograph, sketch or painting. I'll give you examples of what they really are.



Dreamer • Historian • Artist • Writer • Avid Reader • Daughter of God


I’m love with America and history. I’m a mad writer prone to flights of fancy, a dreamer lost in her own world of beauty, harmony, and wondrous artistry, and a voracious reader.


I tend to live in the realm of my own mind rather than in the real world (a bad thing . . . or is it?). I also tend to obsess over many, many things, including characters, historical figures, books, Latin, old things/fashions, music, artists, et cetera. I write as much as possible. I am naturally an extroverted introvert, but I am usually shy until I decide that I like you (just kidding!). I think that America is an awesome country to live in, and I love studying government, keeping up with current politics, and learning all of that mind-burning stuff about the Constitution and Bill of Rights . . . again, et cetera. But I also love all things British or Celtic. I love drawing and illustrating, and hopefully painting. I read, especially the classics. But I am branching off towards more modern avenues of literature lately. I love being old-fashioned of mind and ideals. I stalk study people for literary purposes. No, you don’t need to edge away. I dream of playing a violin someday, attending college to study literature and art (illustration, animation, character design, sequential art) . . .

I have an ultra-amazing family, who love and support me in my dreams–I have a wonderful parents, a fun-loving, sarcastic younger sister, a sweet and caring big sister and her intelligent husband, two crazy little brothers, and a creative handsome big bro and his lovely inspiring wife, and their cute boys, and to top it off, a brilliant Grandma and a huge extended family who are all so splendid at once so that it is near overwhelming. They’re all just . . . awesome like that, and I am blessed to have them all in my life.


Life is full of magic, small raindrops of happiness, you know. Here are some of those Glimpses of Goodness in my life:

Listening to the Hobbit or LOtR soundtracks//the taste of a cool Starbucks drink//sitting in a cafe drawing//falling in love with a fictional character//finding a song that exactly fits a dream or story in my head//hearing a piece of Scripture just when I need to//feeling God’s presence//listening to Celtic music or any other music that suits my fancy or enhances my mood//Discovering mind-dazzling historical fiction//going for a run with the wind flying in my hair, my heart near bursting with joy//watching the sun rise and set//worshiping at church to a particularly upbeat song//remembering my trips to VA and WA//petting a kitten//hugging the adorable kids I babysit//spending hours in a bookstore//buying a new book//opening a fresh journal//eating a piece of dark chocolate//getting letters//seeing comments on this blog//drinking a cup of spice tea//baking something delicious successfully//reading a marvelous book//finding vibrant truths in ancient works, like St. Augustine’s Confessions or the Divine Comedy by Dante//speaking Latin, the language of old//

//But most of all, falling radically in love with Jesus//



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